Company Profile

Since the establishment of Great Yueh Electric Wire & Cable Co., LTD in 1981, we started our business as an electronic pressure cooker heating wire manufacturer. Beginning as a small company with three employees, now we have more than 20 employees and capital of more than NTD10 million.

With professional skills and an endless ambition to constantly develop new wires and cables for various applications, we have developed more than a dozen innovative products for the market, and we do have UL and VDE approval.

Main product:
1. Silicone Rubber Wire (UL3239, VDE N2GFAF)
2. Silicone Rubber Multiple Core Cable (UL3122, 3132, 3135, 3243, 4330)
3. Heat-resistant Electric Wires (Heat-resistance range: 150°C, 200°C, 350°C, 800°C)
4. Insulated Electric Heating Wires (UL3323)
5. High Voltage Wire/ Cable
6. Silicone Tube/ Sleeves/ Strips
7. Silicone Fiberglass Braided Wire (UL3122)
8. Silicone/ PVC/ EPDM/ Teflon Composite Cable
9. Medical Grade Wire/Tube/Sleeves/ Strips
10.Antistatic Silicon Rubber Wire/ Cable
11.Customized specifications are welcome, please feel free contact us.